MyAvatar Dreams

myavatar_1introThrough our advergaming platform ‘My Avatar Dreams’, unique in the advertising world, you can also generate leads as well as collect lifestyle variables such as the users likes, interests, preferences, behaviors, etc..

Besides being an excellent support for interaction with your products or services, the level of engagement with your brand will be unique and exclusive.

We can personalise Advergaming and promotion to meet the client’s objectives and needs and its adaptable to any device or platform such as facebook app, mobile app, etc. ..


myavatar_2solucionesWith our Advergaming solutions you will be able to:

  • Capture and obtain personalized user information through social networks (Facebook), websites and mobile apps.
  • Build customer loyalty for the brand.
  • Promote the top products of the season.
  • Increase Brand Visibility and Reputation on the Internet and on Social Networks.


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