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Any fan of digital marketing knows that an e-commerce is a source of significant income on the Internet as not only it offers us an intuitive digital platform but also because it gives us the opportunity to implement some high performance on-line marketing strategies that will improve significantly our brand reputation as well as digital sales.

However, sometimes it might be difficult to develop an appropriate strategy that adapts to our needs and to the campaigns targets. This is the reason we decided to list below a series of popular techniques that do work for all types of businesses.

Why should you update digital marketing strategies for on-line shops?

As well as the digital world changes and evolves, digital marketing strategies are also developing. This is why it could happen that the techniques that work very well right now will not be very profitable in the future. A lot of factors influence this situation, for example upgrades in the browsers algorithms and, of course, new trends.

It is always interesting to try something new and more effective that will give visibility to our trade mark. Likewise, if we are ready to adapt new digital technologies, we will be showing our value to our competitors.

Some of the most important aspects of the digital marketing to take into account are the following ones:

Keywords study
Content and product descriptions development
SEO optimization for your products
Regularly updating your blog
Focusing on social network

Effective digital marketing strategies for an e-commerce

However, the techniques mentioned in the previous paragraph are not the only ones you should use if you want to develop your business. We already know that the techniques have to adapt to the targets of your campaigns. This way, we can guarantee their effectiveness and positive results.Digital Marketing Strategies for a successful e-commerce 1 Digital Marketing Strategies for a successful e-commerce

Additionally, we cannot leave out the great judge of the digital environment – browsers, mostly Google. And it is advisable to “please” their algorithms in order to achieve positioning in the place where our buyer persona can find us.

Get adapted to voice searches

The first on-line marketing strategy that we will describe in this list is the one that more impact is making right now, due to the new technologies and virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri or Google Home. The users are getting used more and more to make voice searches.

And as Darwin said “adapt and survive”, so now is the moment to adjust our SEO marketing strategies to voice searches requirements. And how do we do it? Very easy, we only have to create quality content that gives timely answers to their questions, literally “questions”, since this is the most common and natural way that our buyer persona uses voice searches.

If we include in our content some answers that respond to questions like What, Where and Why we will surely attract a lot of users that ask their virtual assistants things like: Where can I find a good restaurant? Why e-books are better than books? How should I use a mountain bicycle?

Improve the positioning in marketplaces

This might be a strategy that you have implemented a long time ago, however, it is not anymore that effective just to appear in the e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, or Trivago. It is necessary to concentrate on improving the SEO of our profile on these platforms.

This will help us to improve the positioning on the marketplaces and be one of the first options for the users. The steps to take are the following:

Perform a study on the keywords that have a higher conversion rate and sales, we can use Google Console or Google Trends for this.

Get a lot of positive reviews. You have to make sure that your clients leave their opinion.

You can also prepare reviews with genuine value that would call the attention of your buyer persona.

Update all the photos and images that are shown in your profile.

Make sure that all the necessary info is complete, like ways of contact and payments, address, important features, etc…Digital Marketing Strategies for a successful e-commerce 2 Digital Marketing Strategies for a successful e-commerce

Optimize your website for mobile devices

This is probably the most important strategy of the list due to the fact that every time there are more and more users that use their mobiles for browsing the web. Apart from that, there is evidence that around 60% of the users that do a search of products or services from their smartphones are ready to make a purchase.

For this reason, by optimizing our website we will not just guarantee a better visibility for our company but will also prompt a sales rise.

These are the first steps to take:

Ensure a responsive structure adapted to any device.
All the contents should be available within the structure
The users should have a possibility to get in touch with you through this channel
The layout should be intuitive.

Use Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets is a term that is used to describe the data that is added to your website on the Google search results page, and that makes your website have a more attractive aspect in the content title, and consequently motivates the users to click on your website.

Rich Snippets are those small rating stars that appear just below the title, the emojis or icons of meta description, lists or bullet points, subtitles linked to content sections and all that useful information that is also so much liked by the Google algorithm.

Improve the website loading speed

Any user who does a search on the Internet and clicks on a website that takes more than 2 seconds to load all the information, will surely leave the page without thinking twice. We have to keep in mind that people think that they have too many Internet options and don’t have to sit and wait for a website to show what they are looking for.

We should also understand that by getting a user to click on our website we have already achieved one of our goals, but if we do not get our website to load at the estimated speed everything will have been in vain. So we should ensure that our website gets loaded in 2 seconds maximum.

To make sure it works the way we need we can ask for help from a SEO specialist agency that will take care of all those technical details. However, we can also implement some changes that will speed up our e-commerce, some of them could be the following:

Change the location of the server to a local one, the connection of the closest users will be faster.

Use cache to improve the server access processing capacity.

Minimize the size of the data within your website, such as the size of images or videos.

Modifying all this will not only give our users a better browsing experience, but it can also be rewarded by the search engines that will position us better and give us a greater visualization.

Make descriptions of each product

We know that customers love photos and videos, this is why we should take our time to upload many images of our products taken from different angles, showing all their features and how they are used. But sometimes it might not be enough.

Therefore, it is important to accompany them with some text, these will help us to introduce the keywords we need to improve our positioning, as well as offer the information important for users that will help them make their purchase decision.

In the descriptions of our products we should include the materials used, the size of the product, the colors available, among others. This is when we can add a small review explaining the advantages of this product. Don’t forget about the price, the possibility of shipping, discounts and current offers.

Automate our e-commerce

One of the most incredible advantages of the Internet is the possibility of automating the websites to the fullest. This way, we do not need to worry about the requests that come in after our work schedule. So our client will be satisfied by the immediate response, and we are not stressed by losing a possible client.

There are many ways to automate our e-commerce, one of the most common is to use chat bots. These are the resources that we include in our on-line store that are able to chat with our users, at any time of the day, every day. They also store a large amount of information and are able to learn more with each conversation. Other ways to automate our website can be the following:

Use a CRM system to save all the interactions with our customers.

Apply automated tools for email marketing.

Create personalized and quality content for each client.

Finally, we need to analyze all our results from time to time, for that we can use Google Analytics to evaluate how many visits our website received, if the keywords are working, if the speed change has been positive, etc… This is the way to know when we should improve our strategies, modify or replace them.”