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As we, the craftsmen of the guild, state – email marketing is a tool that guarantees more “real” impacts than any other marketing technique available right now. However, sometimes things do not come out well. Many companies launch into emailing marketing having the eyes totally shut and without really understanding the correct way to do it.

Even a great email campaign can end up in the “Spam Folder” or in the “Trash” folder and the users will not even get to read it due to spam filters and huge amounts of junk mail that we receive nowadays. This would mean that your send was a failure. The users did not receive it and thus the conversion is impossible. To avoid it, Adsalsa offers you 7 rules for an effective Subject Line:

1. Informing is better than selling the content. Offer something that will make your email interesting to the users.
2. Be brief. Do not use more than 50 characters. The key content should fit within this length.
3. Do not use words like: “Discount”, “Promotion”, “Free”, “Test”, “Offer” or expressions like “For limited time”. You run a risk that your message will end up in the Spam Folder.
4. Do not offer anything that seems too good to be true. The recipients will not believe you and the mistrust will make them eliminate the message without even opening it.
5. Do not use either capital letters or exclamation marks unless absolutely necessary.
6. The field “From” is for identifying yourself. The Subject Line is the ideal spot for concepts.
7. Asking questions in a promotional email is a great resource.

These rules are essential if you want to carry out an effective email marketing campaign. The subject line is the key. A great part of your campaign being successful will depend on the energy and the strength of the subject line.
The open rate can increase 60% just by improving the subject line. Other factors also play their role, like the target that has to be well defined, but in general, the open rate of email marketing sends depends basically on the Sender and the Subject Line. A good way to find out if you are using appropriate subject lines is by performing A/B testing. Prepare two sends with different subject lines and later compare the results.
The opinions differ a lot, but in any case, email marketing is still one of the techniques that achieves more conversions. So, it is essential to remember one thing: Good subject line will increase the open rate of your email marketing campaign.