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    1. ABOUT US.
    ADSALSA PUBLICIDAD S.L., hereinafter adSalsa, is a company of Spanish nationality with registered address C/ Filá Abencerrajes nº 4, postal code 03804, Alcoy (Alicante) and whose Fiscal Identification Code is B53967170.

    Adsalsa’s business activity includes, among other services, providing services in the field of permission e-mail marketing and direct marketing. It is therefore necessary to collect personal information from those who will be the end recipients of the advertising campaigns and market studies to be carried out.

    Collection of users’ personal information is performed by Adsalsa by organizing and/or sponsoring contests, drawings and/or promotions, meaning the interested party’s participation in said activities implies that his or her information will be mandatorily included in the Adsalsa Members personal information file for advertising and statistics. In addition, it is possible that, after initial registration in the current drawing, contest and/or promotion, the user may receive additional personal information forms from ADSALSA for creating commercial profiles, allowing the type of advertising campaigns that are directed to each user to be adjusted based on the information provided. The user may or may not complete these additional personal information forms as desired.

    Therefore, given that the contests and/or promotions organized by ADSALSA are carried out for the purpose of incorporating user information in the ADSALSA MEMBERS file for advertising, we ask that the user refrain from participating in said contests and/or promotions if he or she does not wish for his or her personal information to be included in the aforementioned file. In addition, unless otherwise indicated by the user, participation in contests and/or promotions shall also imply the registration of user information in the contest sponsors’ databases. If the user wishes to object to his or her information being included in sponsors’ files, he or she must use the boxes provided for this purpose on the registration page. It is important to note that the contests, promotions and/or drawings organized by ADSALSA PUBLICIDAD are funded by the benefits received by the institution from the commercial use of the ADSALSA MEMBERS file. As previously stated, ADSALSA registers personal information by organizing and/or sponsoring certain drawings, contests and promotions, always with previous consent from the user, in order to offer the user information and advertising about products and services from companies included in the industries indicated below. This is performed by including advertisements in the promotion, drawing and/or contest registration forms, as well as by sending commercial information by e-mail, postal mail, by telephone to landlines or cellular phones, or by sending SMS and/or MMS messages, as well as by carrying out market studies for statistical purposes. These marketing activities may be carried out either by ADSALSA PUBLICIDAD itself, or by any companies interested in performing campaigns or studies for which ADSALSA PUBLICIDAD will provide its users’ information. You therefore authorize ADSALSA to distribute your personal information under the terms stated herein. To this effect, we would like to reiterate that if the user does not wish to receive this type of commercial information in any of the previously described ways, we ask that he or she refrain from entering the drawings and/or promotions organized by ADSALSA PUBLICIDAD, in order to prevent his or her personal information from being included in the ADSALSA MEMBERS file for advertising or statistics.

    1. Right to be informed and user consent.

    In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, December 13, on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter LOPD), ADSALSA hereby informs the user of the existence of an automated personal information file created by adSalsa Publicidad s.l. and named ADSALSA MEMBERS, which has been registered with the Data Protection Agency under registration code number 2060890081.

    In accordance with the provisions of the current regulations on the Protection of Personal Information, we hereby inform you that any information you may provide us will be included in the aforementioned ADSALSA MEMBERS file, responsibility of ADSALSA PUBLICIDAD, S.L., located at Calle San Lorenzo nº1, zip code 03801, Alcoy (Alicante), where you may go to find, cancel, and correct (if applicable) the information available in said file related to your person, as well as object to any possible use of said information.

    The purpose of the previously mentioned file therefore consists of:

    * Managing user participation in the various drawings and/or promotions in which he or she has entered.

    * Performing market studies for statistical purposes.

    * Offering the user information and advertisements by sending commercial information by e-mail or postal mail, by telephone communication to landlines or cellular phones, or by sending SMS and/or MMS messages, from companies, institutions, and/or products and services related to the following industries:

    o Telecommunications: Products, services and technology in the area of telecommunications.

    o Financial: Provided by financial institutions, insurance companies and social security.

    o Leisure: Publishing, Tourism, Sports, Collector’s Items, Photography, Pastimes, Toys, Transportation, Gardening, Hobbies, Lotteries, Lottery Pools, Communications and Entertainment.

    o Major Consumer Goods: Electronics, Computers, Textiles, Audiovisual, Accessories, Home Goods, Personal Care (Cosmetics, Perfumes, OTC Products, Specialty Pharmaceutical Advertising) Furniture, Food and Drink, Office Supplies. Fashion and Decoration.

    o Automobile: Products and Services related to Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks.

    o Education.

    o Water and Energy: Products related to Electricity, Hydrocarbons, Gas and Water.

    o NGOs: Products and Services related to NGOs.

    It is understood that by checking the box to accept the promotion conditions and the present privacy policy for ADSALSA and by clicking the “ACCEPT” button found on the information forms the user thereby accepts the established conditions. Therefore, completion of our registration form, acceptance of the conditions and/or basis of the contest, drawing or promotion, as well as acceptance of the present privacy policy, imply the user’s consent to the use of his or her information by ADSALSA under the terms stated throughout this document.

    Considering that the purpose of this file is to conduct advertising campaigns and market studies, with prior preparation of specific commercial profiles, the information gathered is appropriate, relevant, and not excessive. In general, we register IP addresses, and the date and time of the users who voluntarily register for different promotions as proof of the registration’s origin. An IP is a number that a client’s internet service provider assigns his or her modem or router. This information is registered for system administration and in order to guarantee the registration’s origin.

    The information contained in this file owned by adSalsa will be treated with maximum privacy, confidentiality and security, applying the security measures required by the current legislation at all times. ADSALSA PUBLICIDAD DOES NOT ACCEPT registration from users under 18 years of age. For this purpose the necessary measures have been taken in the various registration forms. AdSalsa shall not be held responsible for any consequences arising from an underage user’s access to our database, having falsified his or her date of birth on the various registration forms.

    2. Right to access, correct, cancel, and object to information

    The user, once registered in the ADSALSA MEMBERS file may exercise his or her right to access, correct, cancel, or object to the use of his or her personal information at any time free of charge by contacting the following e-mail address directly: usuario@adSalsa.com.

    3. Required fields and consequences

    All fields on forms marked with an asterisk (*) are required for the process of collecting personal information. If the user fails to complete any of these fields, the registration process will not be completed nor will any information whatsoever be stored. ADSALSA reserves the right to cancel and erase any personal information from the database if the information provided by the user is considered to be false.

    4. Compliance with security measures

    Our users’ personal information is stored in a database owned by ADSALSA PUBLICIDAD, which has duly established the security measures required by the current legislation.

    Use of personal information and the transmission of information through electronic means shall comply with the regulations established by Organic Law 15/1999, December 13, on the Protection of Personal Information (Official State Bulletin B.O.E. 14/12/1999), Royal Decree 1720/2007, December 21 which approves the development regulations of the LOPD and Law 34/2002, July 11, on the Information Society Services and E-Commerce (Official State Bulletin B.O.E. 12/07/2002).