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Offline marketing

adSalsa helps you reach your potential customers through different channels. If you’re going to promote your product through an offline marketing campaign, we can offer you high quality data, always abiding the privacy and data protection laws.

We offer different offline marketing channels:


Telemarketing is one of the most effective offline marketing channels, but only if you have the right data and just reach the right users for your product. This is where we stand out, by offering you many different segmentation options or the possibility of generating fresh leads if you are looking to hit a narrow target, so you don’t waste your time and increase your sales.


Nowadays, everyone looks at their smartphone nearly all the time. This fact makes SMS campaigns really effective in many ways, with a high rate of impressions and the possibility of interacting with the user. For SMS, we can provide you with a full service, including the data and the send.


Are you looking for postal addresses for direct mailing? adSalsa can also help you with that. Just get in touch and tell us more about your needs, and we will find the right users for your campaign.