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At adSalsa we are specialized in a quality Telemarketing Database and we offer you a strategy tailored to your business and its success.

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List rental is one of the most cost effective and responsive ways to improve your direct marketing and is perfect for new customer acquisition. There is no real limit to the combinations available to use, with a multitude of segmentation options, we frequently resurvey, cleanse and refresh our database to ensure that we provide you with the best quality possible to make your campaign a total success.

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Why should you choose telemarketing if you want to grow? Telemarketing is superior to other methods of targeting potential buyers. Our Telephone database contains close to 4 million users and has the ability to target and segment to what best suits your needs. We help you to connect with your customers in a more personal and individual way.

All of our telephone numbers have been verified, thus increasing your campaign results.

Telesales could be the solution for you if…

  1. Your goal is to share your message quickly and efficiently..
  2. You would like to make a direct and personal impact.
  3. You immediately need to measure your Marketing ROI.

General Data Protection Regulation

Our Database strictly complies with the requirements and regulations of development established by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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Direct mail delivers growth and can make customers feel more valued. Postal Marketing is one of the most effective ways to encourage a purchase. At AdSalsa we offer you our postal address database which is constantly updated, standardized and refined so the client can obtain the best result.

Our own Market segmentation variables and our own geolocation tool allow us to impact exclusively in certain areas depending on your sales needs.

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SMS helps you connect with your customers. Today, having a presence in the mobile world is a must. Text messaging remains one of the most powerful ways to communicate at an individual level. Through our mobile phone database, you can easily access thousands of users in real time with a minimum investment. Text messaging is affordable and it is effective.

Thanks to our own verification tool (edata Shine), we can guarantee a delivery rate of 99.9%, making your campaign a total success.


1. Do you want to invest in an advertising tool that brings results?

Telephone marketing has a great advantage: its great sales efficiency.

2. Do you want to secure your investment as much as possible?

Without a doubt, it is a technique that offers great advantages. One of them is to reduce investment risk. Hiring a good database that has segmentation and user permission is a value that makes the difference with any other type of advertising campaign. You address people who are looking for services or products like yours, in a direct and simple way.

3. Do you want to get your message far?

The message offers you the ability to internationalize your business without this representing unaffordable expenses. Telemarketing offers you the possibility of contacting people interested in your product / service who are beyond your borders.

4. Do you want to save on commercial equipment?

Telemarketing offers your product / service without having to have an extensive sales team. Hire your campaign and enjoy the results in a simple way and without making extra efforts or extra costs.

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