Lead Generation

As a Lead Generation agency, at adSalsa we help you build a custom database, made up of users captured through the most advanced Lead Generation techniques.
Lead Generation
A database is essential in an online business and at adSalsa we guarantee you obtain quality leads by developing different Digital Marketing actions to publicize the product or service. We capture the attention of potential users and manage to incorporate them into the client’s database in an easy way and at a reasonable price.

At adSalsa we generate hundreds of thousands of leads per month, with a unique segmentation capacity. We have variables as specific as profession, education, make and model of car, telephone company, etc. Always complying with the guidelines of the RGPD.

Lead Generation 1 Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation?

The Lead Generation technique is the process of attracting potential users to become customers through different Online Marketing techniques. Times have changed and the most massive actions are becoming less successful because users are better off on the Internet. At adSalsa we have adapted and we draw up a good strategy, always thinking about the value of the user that we want to achieve.
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Why it is important?

At adSalsa we have quality databases with a great capacity for segmentation that increases the chances of success of the commercial actions we carry out, facilitating the conversion of leads into customers. The methods that we use for users to register in the database are: sign up for a contest, subscribe to a newsletter, fill out a form, etc … always with a previous study to see what data is true are needed and thus be able to combine several actions.


We spend time creating, testing, and optimizing Lead Generation campaigns because engagement and subsequent actions will be much more profitable. In the event that your company does not have the resources to get quality leads, adSalsa helps you draw up appropriate strategies for each client.

Lead Generation
Lead Generation 2 Lead Generation


From our users, we know variables such as:

  • Insurance expiration date
  • Car make and model
  • Phone company
  • Number of children
  • Profession
  • Studies, etc …
Lead Generation 2 Lead Generation

How do you get customers?

With the registration of an individual in a database. With a user’s request for information through a contact form. Digital marketing makes a large number of techniques available to brands that can be:

  • Content Marketing: Create valuable content for the user
  • Lead Nurturing: Offer the user the content they need when they need it.
  • Lead Scoring: Measure the temperature of a lead
  • Social Media:Marketing through contests, sweepstakes, or actions on social networks..
  • Email Marketing: Newsletter.
  • Search engine marketing  with SEO and SEM positioning techniques.
Lead Generation 1 Lead Generation

Advantages of Lead Generation

Lead generation is a powerful tool with multiple advantages for companies to get new customers and expand their businesses thanks to the online medium. These advantages include:

  • Get very valuable information about your target audience.
  • Create databases of users interested in the brand with which to implement subsequent lead nurturing and lead scoring strategies.
  • Improve  user loyalty to the brand.
  • Facilitate direct contact between the user and the company and thus streamline the online sales processes.
  • It allows detecting the most attractive business areas for potential clients.
  • It helps to optimize the income made in marketing by targeting the strategies towards users who are really interested.

Thanks to Lead Generation, user to customer conversion rates can be significantly increased. For this reason, adSalsa establishes effective marketing strategies focused on generating leads since we can achieve it of quality and at a good price.

Advantages of Lead Generation

Captación segmentada


Imagen de marca


Base de datos en propiedad


bajo coste de adquisición


Legislación acuerdo con RGPD


 S2S real-time data reception



As we have said before, either online or offline, Lead Generation campaigns capture the attention and registration of potential consumers through a combination of marketing strategies that combine the digital and analog scenarios.
Increased lead generation is the leitmotif of any marketing department. Therefore, as specialists in Lead Generation we know that in a good strategy we must not fail in any of these characteristics:

Not knowing the product or service
Nosotros conocemos a nuestros clientes para lograr un resultado efectivo. Si no conociéramos a nuestros clientes no lograríamos el éxito.
Inconsistency in social networks
Although these platforms favor the increase of leads, their management must ensure the strengthening of the brand and customer loyalty. Therefore, we flee from abusive and aggressive campaigns.
Spam your email marketing
Used well, this channel can be very useful to generate sales opportunities. So that our contents do not go to the spam folder, we take into account several factors: we do not use long subjects, we avoid commercial names, as well as the words ‘free’ and ‘offer’, in addition we do not abuse images to the detriment of text.
Neglecting the qualified lead
On many occasions, the potential consumer who has already shown some interest does not receive more information that adds value. We enrich the user so that he does not lose the interest shown.
Do not resort to segmented lists
Treating all leads equally without discriminating parameters of interest can ruin the marketing campaign. For this reason, we define thresholds and give different values ​​to each of them in order to qualify them in the best segment.
Not differentiate
In the globalized market, differentiation is not synonymous with mere gross investment, but is born from prior knowledge of the target audience to adapt the channels and the addition of master lines to the global strategy of a Lead Generation campaign.
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