We, adSalsa

adSalsa is an organization made up of Marketing and advertising professionals, both offline and online. Our staff has people from more than 20 countries.

We, adSalsa 1 We, adSalsa

adSalsa begins its journey with only 5 workers and an office in a local in the small Alicante town of Alcoy

We, adSalsa 2 We, adSalsa

The growth of the company is increasing and the workforce grows by 50 people

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We, adSalsa 4 We, adSalsa

The adSalsa market continues to grow and offices are opened in France, Italy and Portugal

We, adSalsa 5 We, adSalsa

adSalsa grows big and moves to a three-story building in the same town and offices are opened in Germany and Russia

We, adSalsa 5 We, adSalsa
We, adSalsa 7 We, adSalsa

adSalsa carried out the Lead Generation of the best Telemarketing Campaign in the World

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adSalsa already has more than 200 workers and offices in Istanbul, Lisbon, Milan, Paris and Sao Paulo and San Francisco

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We, adSalsa 8 We, adSalsa

The first edition of the EEME Awards grants it the award for the best company in marketing and management areas at the national level

We, adSalsa 11 We, adSalsa

Opens a new office for Call Center and a new headquarters in Mexico.

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We, adSalsa 13 We, adSalsa

On-going project to open a new headquarters in Nordic countries


With more than 10 years of experience, AdSalsa is positioned in the market as one of the leading companies in Lead Generation and Performance Marketing with a presence in more than 40 countries.

Con sede central en Alcoy, Alicante, adSalsa cuenta con varias oficinas repartidas por Europa (España, Portugal, Francia, Alemania) Turquía, Rusia, Brasil, Estados Unidos y Singapur.


The multinational adSalsa is governed by 5 values ​​under the slogan “the world is in your hands” These are the values ​​of adSalsa by which we feel fulfilled. The principles that make us wake up every morning wanting to start a new day in a company that we can see grow and that will see our own career grow.


Because we don’t let anything stop us


We have great confidence to create and exploit our potential.


A committed group is stronger and more effective.


Proud to belong to a company that is proud of its own.


We share goals because we all want more.