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AdSalsa is Social & Green.

In adSalsa we care both about the well-being of our employees as well as about the environment. This is why we are pioneers in carrying out the awareness campaigns about the environment, health and social solidarity. We support and take into consideration all the suggestions of our staff. So much so that we have a special department: The Green Team, who are in charge of gathering suggestions and raising environmental awareness.

We care about the environment

  • Personalized cups that help to reduce the use of the plastic cups.
  • Recycle bins in the kitchen and the halls
  • Recycling of batteries
  • Paper saving thanks to using personal codes for printing.
  • Energy saving awareness campaign (signs next to light switches)
  • Electric cars recharge points.
  • Electric scooters for going to the 2nd building.
  • Solar panels for water heating.
  • We encourage carpooling
  • Green Team – the department that is in charge of gathering suggestions and raising environmental awareness
AdSalsa is Social & Green. 1 AdSalsa is Social & Green.

Always Supportive

AdSalsa is Social & Green. 2 AdSalsa is Social & Green.
  • Charity Plastic Caps Collection
  • Sponsoring of I+D projects
  • Spokesperson (at the local level) who was able to raise the awareness of environmental sustainability in local companies.
  • Solidarity Christmas Campaign – making presents and bringing warmth and care to the hospital and retirement home.

Siempre solidarios

  • Charity Plastic Caps Collection
  • Recogida solidaria de tapones
  • Patrocinios a proyectos de I+D
  • Un portavoz a nivel municipal que ha conseguido concienciar la necesidad de sostenibilidad y medio ambiente en las empresas
  • Campaña solidaria de navidad llevando regalos y calor humano al hospital y a la residencia de ancianos
AdSalsa is Social & Green. 2 AdSalsa is Social & Green.

Health comes first

  • Changing the menu of the snack machine to more healthy options (sandwiches and salads)
  • Sponsorship of sport activities
  • Parking for bicycles
  • Local fruit for employees
  • Gym
  • Leisure area
  • Communication and personal development courses
  • Courses that encourage the communication among the departments
  • Supporting reconciliation between work and personal life
  • Promoting job training, facilitating changes and schedule reduction
AdSalsa is Social & Green. 4 AdSalsa is Social & Green.