DoctorSender Smart

DoctorSender Smart is a web platform that brings together the best digital marketing technologies on the market in a powerful and intuitive tool. You can use those you need in your campaigns or combine them to reach amazing results.

Smart, right?

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What does the DoctorSender Smart platform offer you?

Smart Data

Can you imagine being able to impact the audience you want without worrying about the collect and reliability of your leads?

What about doing it with the channels of your choice, from a single place?

Smart data makes tens of millions of records available so that you can choose those that best fit your Email and SMS campaigns.

You set the message and we collect the audience.


No compromises. The email marketing platform with the best deliverability in the market.

All the expertise of DoctorSender, now available for any sending volume.


Right place, right time.

Get in touch with your audience in a personalized, agile and effective way by positioning your messages in the palm of their hand.


Be able to send your SMS campaigns to all destinations and providers.

Create automations, choose the quality of the route or personalize your content from a single section.

Simple, fast, smart.



With Verify you can detect and remove spamtraps, hardbounces, hard compainers and many more threats which pollute your DDBBs getting the most profitability and deliverability in your sendouts.

Create, segment, send and monitor

With DoctorSender Smart you can create, segment, send and monitor the results of your digital campaigns.

Everything done in a simple and intuitive way, from a single platform.

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