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It is essential to apply a series of strategies when using the email channel as your marketing technique in order to enhance the reader’s participation and therefore, to increase your sales.

We will dedicate this article to the “call to action” techniques that are based on the proven statistics because they have a visible impact over our commercial texts.

Positioning of the text blocks. By means of computer learning methods it was discovered that the dominant eye of a person does not perceive all the text equally. The vision concentrates on the left side of the text, making a kind of F; it means that the first paragraph and the centre of the text are the “hot” spots.

We can take advantage of this psychological trait and place all the important content of the text exactly at the focal point of the eye. You should avoid putting call to action buttons on the right side since it is quite probable that they will be ignored.

Avoid creating friction. One of the most common mistakes in email marketing is using phrases or linguistic forms that create “friction”. We are talking about phrases such as “Buy it now” “Get it now”, “Pay now and receive it in 3 days” This kind of expressions reduce by 2% the actions of the reader. It is more effective to use texts like “ Discover all the advantages”, “More information” or “Additional details”.email marketing

Disruption and restructuring techniques: We refer to a psychological technique that reduces negative effects of a piece of information from the very beginning. To apply it correctly we have to rewrite the texts in a manner that will take the readers out of monotony and predictable flow of thoughts when reading a commercial offer. This way, instead of showing the price of a product, we can write that it is cheaper than another well-known product.

A/B testing. Never be satisfied. You must always have in mind the statistics and use at least two models of commercial emails that can be compared with each other. The effort is compensated in the long run using more effective campaigns that impact more clients. Small changes, like putting the first name of the user in the subject can have major effects (one of ten people will open an email only if it is addressed directly to her/him), while other changes could only mean increases of 2 or 3 per cent. The key is to try, try and try!