Recover your sales thanks to email marketing


Fed up with watching your customers giving up their shopping cart? Don’t know how to recover those sales? Abandoned carts are not a loss if you know how to treat them. Thanks to them, we can find out who your clients are and what products they are interested in.

Here you have a number of tips that can help you recover the sales of those abandoned carts thanks to email marketing.

1. First of all, ask for the users’ email from the very start. If you want to recover the sale and the user is not registered, it is a complete loss for Remarketing.
2. If a user gives up his/her cart – do not delay with sending them another email. You have to have in mind the memory of the customers, if you take too much time they can “forget” or not contextualize the desired product. The ideal timing for sending the email is around one hour after the user had left his/her shopping marketing
3. Always show courtesy and helpfulness towards your customers. They have already shown their interest in your products and services, this is why you should never be aggressive towards them.
4. Apart from changing the subject line in your second email, it is always recommended to do an A/B testing to find out which subject line converts better. Remember, do not be aggressive.
5. The email’s creativity should be clear and simple with a well defined call to action. Your aim is to make the users finish their sale, so get “down to business”
6. Express yourself with certainty and confidence. It is possible that a lot of users abandon their carts due to mistrust towards the Internet. This why it is recommended adding a Conditions link, company’s phone number and email, and include a few comments of other users of the social media to make your customers trust you more.
7. Do not forget to personalize your second email. Users like to feel pampered by the brands. You already know their name, email and their interests, you do not have any more excuses for not doing it.
8. Another piece of advice that will help you in recovering an abandoned cart is to add an incentive. However, in this case, not in the first recovery email, but in the following ones. You can offer a 10% discount, free shipping, etc… Nevertheless, be careful with incentives. Your customers can start leaving their carts to be able to take advantage of the incentives. You have to be changing constantly and never offer incentives in the first recovery email.
9. Finally, the feeling of urgency can also help you. The idea of a “flash” sale is one of the best converting.
Following this advice you will be able to take advantage of those abandoned carts and recover the sales. Everything is possible.

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