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Technology continues to make certain things in the business world obsolete. The classic print on paper, open letterbox gives us a surprise.

Direct mail. This is a tool that has been used effectively by marketers for decades. Over the last few years in the digital world, there have been many quotes and comments that the direct mail has been replaced by digital ads and email. However, according to a data study made by deFacto Research, the promotional letters are still a great power of attraction.

More than half of the recipients of a promotional letter visit the store 1 More than half of the recipients of a promotional letter visit the storeDirect mail or “postal marketing” in 2018 still conserves its effectiveness, 58% of the people who receive a promotional letter will go to the physical store, out of which 48% will make a purchase.

This is not all, Direct mail can have a response rate of up to 10 to 30 times that of email, contrary to what one might think, direct mail may actually be a better way to cut through the advertising clutter.

Taking into account that the study made by DeFacto Research is conducted by a survey of men and women between 15 and 30 years of age who are considered to be “digital natives”.

Who also outline that the country chosen for this research is one of the most technologically advanced in Europe: Germany.

As the numbers show, direct mail is definitely not dead, and has become one of the most direct marketing techniques in which most advertisers are likely to invest.