What are the advantages of Email Marketing?


Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channel and offers us a great number of advantages. The most important ones are the following:
Segmentation: You can have a huge database, but as users don’t have the same tastes and interests, the key is to treat that database properly. This is why it is fundamental to offer your clients what they really want, otherwise they would unsubscribe. Moreover, it is a great advantage to send different messages to different users.
Email marketingPersonalization: Emails can be customized by adding the name of the user, the city… It is obvious that this way the user will feel valued as a customer. However, this personalization can turn into a disadvantage if there are mistakes in it.
Low costs: As there are no printing costs, email marketing is cheaper than the traditional advertising methods. We recommend you to get your Email Marketing actions done by experts.
Immediacy: Email Marketing allows you to reach customers immediately. A few seconds after clicking the “send” button, your customers will receive the message, and in a matter of hours your email will have been seen.
Control: Email Marketing is easily measurable, therefore you can have control over your campaign. Statistics can show you how many users opened and clicked the email, and this advantage allows you to improve your strategies.

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