MetLife awarded for making the best telemarketing campaign in 2013


The event was held by Contact Center World where the best companies and campaigns of the Telemarketing sector are chosen. The insurer MetLife in collaboration with Teleperformance Portugal, won not one, but two awards being “Best Telemarketing Campaign in the World”, and “Best Telemarketing camping in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)” in 2013.

This means great news for adSalsa too, as we are responsible for generating the leads used for those campaigns.

Here’s an interview with Jorge Conde Rendeiro, Business Development & Telemarketing Manager of MetLife.

Congratulations on the award received, what is your secret to achieve such success in your Telemarketing campaigns?

Our tips for sucess, in partnership with Teleperformance are:


  1. Recruitment & Training: selecting the best!
  2. Predictive Dialing System: optimized configuration
  3. Database Quality: strategic partnership
  4. Client Business KPIs: focus to maximize business results
  5. Agent Allocation: optimized for overall performance
  6. Quality Control: 100% sales quality validation
  7. Incentive Plan: high-rewards to Top Performers
  8. Extended Bonus Plan: increased permanent results
  9. Client Brand Culture: develop the sense of belonging
  10. Build a True Partnership: win-win-win in the long-run!

Can you tell us what the campaign was about?

Customer Acquisition/Sales Campaigns for several insurance products in Life and Accidental & Health products, using telemarketing techniques.

Why did you use Telemarketing to promote it?

Telemarketing is still a very interesting channel to distribute your products and in Portugal we have a lot of expertise and experts on this activity. Actually Portugal, Telemarketing and Contact Center activity, could be an hub for a lot of industries around the world. Take in consideration that when we talk about Telemarketing we refer to both Outbound as well as Inbound.

In awarding you the prizes the Contact Center World also highlighted the quality of your data. How is such a high quality captured?

Building strong partnerships with our sponsors and external providers. We now resort to a lot of lead generation trough the online channel in order to qualify the lead and the customers’ needs before we call them. This way we are also compliance with data protection laws, since all of our campaigns are opt-in campaigns, meaning that the customer for each campaigns authorizes MetLife to contact them.

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