The advergame: the real content 2.0


In the advertising world nowadays we are trying to achieve something very difficult. The potential customer involvement. With the online world to the head, advertisers are looking for the perfect campaign which does not “force” but “invite” the user to interact. We need him to feel comfortable and tell us what he wants, thinks, feels and that simultaneously collects our message.
For this issue many have endeavoured to point out social media as the perfect tools to achieve this goal. The current trend, though, says that the only ones who seem to get good results are large companies. These brands, whose global knowledge makes that having a social media strategy is bound to be known, but not definitive. Precisely the secret of their number of followers is that is already known and not vice versa, which is what local company pursue when they rely on industry experts.
If an advertiser goes to a professional of Social Media, he can tell him many stories to make him happy. He can even expand his fans and improve their interactivity. Of course, if the customer orders 40,000 fans in one day, a Community Manager who acts with rigor should answer that to achieve this goal should become Coca-Cola. In conclusion one thing is as impossible as the other.
But if we set closer targets maybe we can grow and use social networks more realistically and then increase the effectiveness of our results. There are good ways and there is now a tool that can attract 3000 real users per month to your fan page. We speak of the advergame. The use of advertisement in video games.
As it has been published in several media in 2016 it’s estimated that investment in video game advertising will reach 7,200 million Euros, and the same authoritative voices indicate that 30% of advertisers already use this technique when launching their campaigns .
This type of action captures the customer’s attention. The content is not just created because it is the consumer who develops it. It recreates it and at the same time “decides” how the story will end. We need the complicity of the receiver who becomes the communicator. We give the controls of advertising, but not the advertising message that he is getting. While enjoying and interacting with our brand, he is exposed to it for about 3 or 4 minutes.
The issue has grown so that even video game companies like Blizzard, creators of sagas as well known as Warcraft and Diablo, are already integrating advertising into their creations.
One of the latest trends is to unite the advergame with social networks. Creating video games as an application that we will add on the fanpage. This way the fan can interact with the brand as it offers real added value. The result is the increased of valid fans and interactivity ensured. A good campaign through networks that we have already used. Best of all, it works.

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