Three good things that a user can contribute to your business


trescarasSocial networks have meant a real turning point in the way we do business now as we no longer have clients, we have users, and that person who you want to sell something to has become a person that wants to buy something from you.
In social networks users take charge, give their opinion and show us their wishes. Many people are frightened by this, but apart from trolls, online complaints shouldn’t be a problem, on the contrary it could help you improve your business.
New times have made us come closer to our target audience and have helped us observe the multiple faces that our client/user has and these three reasons will help you understand why you should never leave a user unsatisfied or even less run away from him.
1.- Your user is your best seller
80% of consumers seeks information before buying and of this great percentage a lot of them like to hear opinions from others about the product or services you offer. Do you know a better place that a social network or online forum to find these opinions? Besides, Internet still has a rather low reliability. If you are in social networks, you exist. Therefore if you are in social networks you will earn credibility
2.- Your user is your best advertiser
You can spend loads in advertising, but you should know that in social networks you can find most of your actual clients and potential clients. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to spend a lot of money on other media to create awareness of a brand/product and at the same time not appear in one of the most popular media channels of the world.
3.- Your user is your best consultant
Many companies are terrified to expose themselves in social networks. They think that a bad review can end their reputation but you need more than a simple reprimand to end with it. It takes real effort to sink a business that must do something right if it’s still active. On the other hand, a lot of money is spent on consultants to tell what the client wants, and guess who uses social networks?
These are three things a user can contribute with. We are not just talking about sales, we are talking about seducing your clients. You may sell through Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, but God knows how much you’re missing by not being there. Your customer is your greatest asset so let them put up a good word for you, that’s what social networks are made for: word of mouth.

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