What does a brand’s future depend on?


quehayensucocoDespite great debates about the internet’s use, the web is definitely used to look up all sorts of information. Some people say that the internet could be used to improve customer service, others say it is a tool to listen to the client, others state that is good for selling or purchasing, the majority uses it to stay in touch with people and very few believe it just causes a lot of trouble. Nevertheless, Internet is where we can find the details of our favorite movie, the exact place where your favorite actor was born, who said what and when, and of course everything about the latest product or service that everybody has been talking about lately. But not only that, you can also find how much it costs, where it is sold, and all the references that you can have about it.
On the web people seek information, security, prices and experiences. It is the perfect reinforcement for a sales campaign. We need SEO to express how good we can be, and social networks for others to be who say how good we really are.
Internet creates and spreads knowledge all through interesting contents, and our future depends largely on making our contents interesting for the users so that they are appreciated, replicated and from there onwards our own uses will generate new content for us, new knowledge.
According to research published by Google, in Latin America 62% of consumers seek information online before buying something. In Spain however, the percentage of users who use the internet in order to make up their mind about a product or service is around 90% and worldwide as published by Europa Press is 87%.
Whatever the percentage 62%, 87% o 90%, it is yet high and the truth of the matter is that seeking information online is a growing trend, particularly with the expansion of the Smartphone market. If we do not generate contents and take good care of our users we could make our brand go under.

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