3 basic concepts for a telemarketing campaign


If you are going to invest in a Telemarketing campaign you need to have these 3 basic ideas in mind to make sure it is effective and successful.
1. Know your market: Before activating any campaign you must study your client. There is no point in having a huge list of users if we do not know how to take advantage of it. We must know the tastes of our customers, their needs and, of course, their religion or culture (we may “screw up” if we do not know who we are calling). It is also essential to have an average age and to know the place of residence (for example, I am not interested in calling to promote an offer on St Andrew’s Day in Scotland to people who live in London). In short, you need to know the customer and therefore start with the: SEGMENTATION
2. Work your speech: To keep the attention of the person on the other end of the phone, you should offer a convincing reason, either with an attractive offer or with an exclusive service. However, in addition to making your speech attractive, you must study the product or service. You must know what you are selling. It is of the utmost importance that when a customer answers to your offer, you can respond with confidence and in a convincing manner.
On the other hand, when preparing your script you should not sound like a seller of used cars. People like to be treated with dignity, so value the knowledge of who is listening to you.
3. Analyze the results: One of the basic errors when building up a telemarketing strategy is to create false expectations. You cannot control 100% what will happen once the phone is picked up. It is impossible to know how the factors in telemarketing will develop. Therefore, commit yourself to realistic expectations and, if you achieve your goals and improve them, great! In addition, during a telemarketing campaign, you must be prepared to analyze and rethink the ideas and / or strategies throughout the process, since unexpected successes or failures may appear. Nevertheless, remember that refocusing is not bad, but helps to improve your goal. And of course, if you have an expert by your side, even better!”
3 basic concepts for a telemarketing campaign 1 3 basic concepts for a telemarketing campaign

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