How to drive more traffic to your web page with the help of lead generation techniques


Business owners have always focused solely on obtaining the highest rates of conversion, something very important as this is what being successful for a company means, since the conversions tend to be translated into money. A user decides to buy a service if they find an adequate webpage, and to achieve that, the major part of business owners invest in advertising. However, there are ways to get more web traffic by centering directly on generating Sales Opportunities (Lead Generation).
It is a way to obtain a good database of leads who you can then nurture with offers, promotions… and thus get conversions.

These are the best examples of Lead Generation Techniques:

1. Make a good use of telemarketing
To the present day, Email Marketing is one of the most profitable marketing strategies, it is cheap and on top of that, offers a high return on investment (ROI).
You have to know very well the preferences of your subscribers in order to satisfy them when sending the emails, and if you are good at it, you will see it reflected in more traffic to your web page, which could induce the visitors to recommend your product or service to other users.
As a result, potential clients can be generated both from the new visitors as well as out of the existing subscribers.
And to know which campaign has delivered the best results, you just need to analyse each of them and follow the same strategy in the next sends.
2. Use Social MediaLead Generation
Frankly, nowadays people read the news, get to know about events and discover the offers through social media, this is why it is very important to have accounts in practically all of them (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest). It is necessary to automate and adapt them to the type of the business you are running.
If you want to obtain leads using lead generation techniques you have to start by creating content almost daily, making posts that encourage participation and offer good customer service.
To find out what social media platforms generate more traffic and which posts get higher interaction rates, analyzing each of them will suffice.
3. Update the company’s blog
It is very important to have a blog on your company web page, no matter what kind of business you have. If users or possible clients do not see constant updates on the page, they will abandon it and this is not what we want.
To make sure that the blog and your company in general are visible, you have to correctly optimize the web page with SEO strategies (identify the target audience, study the key words, analyze the competition, do link building)
4. Make Video Content
It is demonstrated that video content is much more attractive than the written one, and moreover, people prefer to see videos that show company’s products or services. For that, it is recommended to have an updated YouTube channel.
5. Create computer graphics and eBooks
Any type of content is good for a website, you just need to know which one attracts more visits and potential clients.
Another thing that you can do are computer graphics explaining how a certain product or service works. Just like the video, it is a very visual content.
The same happens with eBooks: it will be a very good tool to attract new customers, with the help of persuasion techniques and social media.
6. Create simple surveys
If a user lands on your page through a social media post, the form for getting leads has to be simple and easy to fill in to avoid the user abandoning it before finishing.
With all these examples of lead generation for obtaining qualified leads, you will see how the traffic to your website increases and new conversions are generated. The most important is to know what your target audience looks for and develop ideal strategies to meet the users expectations and make them choose you.

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