3 essential contents in Email Marketing


Anybody can write an email but when it comes to email marketing not everyone in the sector has acknowledged the importance of having a professional copywriter to do so.
copywriterThe increasing competition for this kind of communication is making us improve all the aspects of our business in order to remain competitive.
The main problems of email that we have today are two:
-It seeks to meet the needs of a product / brand: This method presents the product well, but it completely ignores the customer
-It seeks to satisfy the ego of the writer / agency: A journalist should always ask himself who he is writing for.
Both mistakes could be defined as a bad approach. The important thing about written communication that tries to remain relevant to the client is that it cannot ignore the client. Our efforts should be directed towards meeting the needs, desires and dreams of our customers, which will turn them into your followers, in other words you are building loyalty.
The three contents that a client considers positive are:
1. Exclusive content. Information about a general topic that could make a brand/product and client find each other. What do you have in common with your clients?
2. Quality content. Writing is not difficult; writing well is a little more complicated. Who writes your promotions?
3. Offers and special discounts. Sweet things never make anyone bitter. Just don’t overdo it, remember it’s all about added value.
In a near future it’s not crazy to think that the quality of email writing will be much better, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Meanwhile: Good luck!

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