Six Types of Internet Shoppers according to Leo Burnett


Online shopping seems to be at its best moment and the emergence of Smartphones only tells us that it has an even better future ahead; because of this a lot of research has been done to shed some light on this matter such as content with guidelines, success stories, and case studies trying to show us a world that’s slowly emerging before our very eyes.
A recent study from ad agency Leo Burnett entitled Peopleshop reveals new data on how people shop online, specifically identifying six shopper archetypes:
Quality Seeker – This archetype is all about analyzing and seeking a balance between the price and the convenience of a product or brand.
Stategic Saver – Money matters and this person is a comparison shopper who will dig for deals to find the best way to get the most maximum savings possible.
peopleshop_rebus_9-13Habitual Sprinter – They already have a preconceived idea of what they want, so they go directly to the place where they know they can find it and acquire it. They are usually concerned with brand loyalty.
Dollar Defaulter – This shopper has a single mission: find the cheapest deals around.
Doers1Passionate Explorer – This shopper likes the Internet world and shops for the experience as well as to discover new trends so he can be the first person to know them.
Opportunistic Adventurer – These people consider internet shopping a game. They love to discover and take advantage of the best Internet promotions.
Feelers1Moreover, in the study these profiles are classified according to their attitudes and behavior and thus Strategic Savers and Quality Seekers are thoughful people, while Passionate Explorers and Opportunistic Adventurers are driven by their emotions whereas the third group, Habitual Sprinters and Dollar Defaulters, are functionally driven acting in accordance with previous decisions.
Leo Burnett’s findings may be a key to understanding why and how people shop and we all know the need to identify who is on the other side of the shopping cart.

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