4 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing


1. Clean your database
Most of the result of a campaign is based on the quality of the data. If you have a list of your own contacts, it’s good that you maintain it. Remember that the people you are going to contact should have given their consent. Another requirement is segmentation. A good way to get a database that meets all these requirements is by going to companies specialized in lead generation and creation of databases.
2. Lean on professionalsemail marketing
The effectiveness of the technique of advertising via Email has led to the emergence of different free or low-cost products that are easy for anyone to be used in a simple way. However, having that capacity does not mean that you are qualified to carry out an email marketing campaign. Currently professionals have different types of offers tailored to the demand of the advertiser. Sending platforms, Email Marketing Services based on customers data or your own database … Whatever the case, this technique will always have better results if you have an Account Manager that looks after your interests and pursues your targets.
3. Analysing your data and ways of improving
The results of our Email Marketing actions are very important. The open rates, the clicks, the bounced, the unsubscribes … everything is relevant. Anyway, we should not lose track in one of these obstacles. The conversion and achievement of objectives are more important than having some fantastic data. Everything can be improved, although we should never lose sight of the final objective which is the reason why we carried out the campaign. Any other data will be important to optimize and get closer to it.
4. The Mobile Devices are an ally not an enemy
To say that mobile technology means the end of Email Marketing seems quite exaggerated. Today mobile devices have proven to be an efficient enhancer of Email Marketing. The improvement in data rates and mobile devices have resulted in the increase of available receivers and their availability time. Every time there are more people in the world connected to the email 24 hours a day.

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