The Deliverability in Email Marketing


We call deliverability the combination of techniques used to ensure that the emails arrive in the Inbox folder and not in spam, or directly get bounced.
Email Marketing for its speed, flexibility and, above all, its performance has become an ideal solution for those companies who are interested in establishing, maintaining and strengthening communication with their audience. It is a useful tool to advertise products and services. However, although it might seem a platitude, the number of email addresses that are sent in a campaign do not coincide with the number of emails that reach the indicated destination. An Email Marketing campaign can have an exceptional promotion, but it will be a failure, if it does not reach their recipients’ Inbox.
Several studies reveal that about 250 billion emails are sent every day, and almost 90% is spam. In this moment, the Internet Service Providers (ISP), i.e. Gmail, Yahoo! and Outlook (the new Hotmail) have more than 900 million users, which is close to 90% of the email users. These Internet providers offer email services free of charge and earn a lot of money by advertising on their sites, but do not forget that they need to keep the users happy. In order to do this, they must offer an immaculate service that is, of course, free of marketing
Sending emails is easy and inexpensive. To this must be added that the Laws and Regulations that protect the User are still recent and, therefore, many loopholes remain. Circumstances that some leverage for carrying out bad practices. For this reason, ISPs have anti-spam filters in place whose mission is to protect the User from spam and other fraudulent practices such as phishing.
It is very difficult to overcome these filters because each one is governed by a set of complex rules. They periodically validate the quality rate of each sender and do so based on the sending domain, the IPs used, the performance of their users (opens, clicks, unsubscribe..), spam complaints, rebound rate, message content, etc. These measures also make it difficult for those who work to carry out legitimate practices and, therefore, the reason of its low delivery rate.
Those companies undermining the importance of the deliverability are endangering the effectiveness of their Email Marketing campaigns and, ultimately, its profitability. The rule is simple: The more e-mail addresses that receive the message, the better the reputation of the online company.

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