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spotgame-300x200AdSalsa has just launched a new marketing tool: the spotgame. This technology involves adapting TV commercial spots into fun video games. It’s the next generation in advergaming and encourages the receiver of the ad to interact directly with the advertiser. Furthermore it gives brand value facilitating commercial transactions as well as contributing with elements such as customer loyalty and incentivized communication within the organization in question.
Spotgaming increases the time of brand exposure. A TV spot is aimed at a passive recipient who has to take in all the information in a brief 15 to 30 seconds. During the time someone participates in a spotgame the exposure is extended to 3 minutes. This interaction makes the message easier to take in by the desired target.
Just by inserting the spot in the main page of the game, it increases visibility in more than 100.000 broadcasts.
Another advantage of spotgaming is its ability to measure acceptance of the spot and the product or service. Because of this, Adsalsa has carried out several campaigns whose results have been really positive, generating about 10.000 leads per month (60% verified).
History and origin of advergame
The videogame industry breaks strongly into the advertising world, which has consequently opened new fields of exploration in the sector. The increasing trend of this new kind of entertainment among adults has drawn the attention of advertisers and agencies. What’s more, it is already seen as one of the best media to make an impact on one of the most desirable targets by almost every brand.
This technology is called advergaming, a name that was coined by Anthony Giallourakis founder of, in year 2000.
Advergaming stands out as an advertising element due to its ability to get the spectator involved, making him an active subject of the campaign at the same time as he’s being exposed to the message.
Big games such as FIFA or PES do have integrated advertising. Buying billboards from the game stadiums is already a business because its impact is huge among the gamers.
To finish, we leave you with a very interesting document entitled “La historia de la publicidad en los juegos” which will take you through pictures of classic games whose use of advertising wasn’t really acknowledged but will surely bring back good memories and make you smile.

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