The media and entertainment sector dreams about 2016


Bad figures and a lack of successful business cases is the general feeling portrayed by the media. The current crisis is still affecting the market brutally and in the midst of this global economic turmoil, it seems like new technologies are the ones that are going to give us a break.
LaVidaEsEsoQuePasaMientras.-The mass media communications and entertainment sector promises to grow in Spain thanks to the last generation devices better known as “smart phones”, or at least that’s what a study carried out by PWC entitled “Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2012-2016, claims.
This information leaves the online sector dreaming about a promising future since the research states that in 2016 it will represent 40% of media and entertainment’s total income. According to PWC such increase will be due mostly to smart phones and tablets.
This predicted boom in five years will boost activities such as online advertising whose estimates show that it will go up by 14.2%, which is around 1,989 million Euros. Likewise, access to internet will show a significant improvement worth 6.8% which in economic data can represent 7,997 million Euros.
Along with this two business models we can find cable television. In the report a 6.2 % worldwide increase is expected. Nevertheless, in Spain only a 0.5% rise is foreseen, which earnings will be around 2,336 million Euros.
On the same report we can also see changes in the media industry and it looks like digital versions will take over paper versions during the next five years. However, there will be an increase of 1.5% on digital media’s total income which can represent 141,512 million Euros worldwide. Spain could take about 2,207 million yet this growth is considered slightly below the world’s average.
On the other side of the coin we have magazines. Even though electronic book sales will increase thanks to tables and e-books, profits will tend to decrease by 2.9% in our country against a 1 point gain registered in the rest of the world.
The film industry on the other hand, does have a really good outlook with a 2.1% increase thanks to TVs with Internet connection.
Conclusions about this data are very hopeful but in quite a long term and therefore, we will have to be patient. Meanwhile, we are presented a new scenario that leaves us thinking about 2016 as a good date when to make good use of all the technology that we are currently developing. We don’t really know what could happen, so until then the only way to know the path – beyond predictions and numerology- is walking it.

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