Why you should integrate SMS Marketing in your Strategy


It is striking that, in recent years, a technique as practical and effective as SMS Marketing has lost so much importance in most Digital Marketing strategies. Email Marketing is one of the most used and most successful techniques because virtually everyone has an email. On the other hand, in the era of smartphones, when the mobile phone is consulted at the lowest alert tone, the SMS has been forgotten. It is shocking.

But what is the use of SMS in advertising?SMS

First of all, it is much more likely that the user stops in order to visualize it. In social networks, a user can follow many pages or have many publications of their friends, and may not even get to see the advertising space. As for the email, the user can delete it even without opening it. Social networks or email are usually reviewed every few minutes or hours, but calls and messages are usually checked upon of receiving them.
There are still people who do not have an email or are not registered in any social network, but they do have a mobile phone. Carrying out an advertising campaign of these characteristics is economical in time and cost.
Sometimes, efforts to create an Email Marketing campaign go to waste because they have not overcome the spam filters and most users do not consult the spam folder. This does not happen to the mobile, the messages arrive directly! Therefore, SMS Marketing has great potential, as a complement to other Online Marketing actions, but it is untapped. It can be very useful to retain and build loyalty in users captured with different Lead Generation techniques, through personalized messages that warn and create alerts. And what about you, have you integrated SMS into your strategy?”.

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