Customer retention through email marketing


Every time you want to define an email marketing strategy that will retain your customers, you should understand at what stage of purchasing process each of them is at the moment in order to decide for one type of sending or another.
Welcome emails: When a client joins your database it is worth sending them a welcome email so that they feel that they have made the right choice by choosing your company. In addition, it is a good way to establish the first contact and you do not really need a lot of text to attract them. A well done welcome email is essential because it is the first impression that the client will have, moreover, it will help you to create the first segmentation of the users that receive it.
Newsletters: A good way to keep your clients posted on everything that happens related to your company is by programming regular sends with all the news to keep them well informed.
Messages with Congratulations: In addition to congratulating the clients for Christmas or New year, it is also recommendable to do so for their birthdays. Set up a short email dedicated to him/her where you can also add a small gift like a discount for a product or a service.
Emails with offers: Learn to treat a client as if they were the only one that you have and if they already have bought some of your products or services – it would be a good idea to offer them something with a discount or for free. It is important to know how to play with these types of emails if you want them to be effective. An email of this kind should combine a discount, a seasonal reference and a time limit that creates the feeling of urgency.
Cross-selling emails. This type of emails is used when a client has already purchased something and you want to make him/her buy something else by offering a complementary service or product.Customer retention through email marketing 1 Customer retention through email marketing
Value-added content emails. Always offer value-added content that describes the best of your company. You can include videos, computer graphics, ebooks… there are thousands of ways to do it, only you can decide what is the best for your clients.
In general, the aim of any company is to attract, sell and conquer clients.
First of all, it is necessary to attract the attention of the consumers. You should define a target by investigating their demographics, behaviour, habits, motivations and once you have all the data gathered, you should attract the consumers to your web by offering them some content like ebooks, computer graphics, investigation reports, webinars, social media…in addition to offering free consultations or premium content to make them subscribe to your email list.
Secondly, you have to elaborate a well defined strategy to make the purchase a reality. The best way to do it is by observing past actions of the clients and by creating a purchase process map.
When closing the sale, a simple exchange of money and product/service is not sufficient, but clear communication, good presence and written documentation are also necessary.
But it does not end here, as a company you should fulfill the commitment to deliver the product on time and to provide an added value to make the customers happy.
From then on you should prepare strategies in order to keep on generating sales and retaining customers. You just need to know at what stage of the process is each client and that is why it is so important to follow up all their actions.

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