6 Components of Success for your Performance marketing campaign


A Performance Marketing campaign is a type of a Digital Marketing campaign where the advertiser pays only based on the achieved results like in CPL and CPC models. In order to make a campaign much more effective, get higher performance and better results we will give you a few key components if you want to carry it out through a performance Marketing Agency.
1. The campaign has to be interesting and catch the users’ eye since it is quite difficult to make a profit doing something that is not attractive. This is why each of the campaigns that you manage has to fulfill the consumer expectations.
2. To create a Performance marketing campaign you have to have a minimum business turnover: you cannot allow the expected earnings to be lower than the costs, because you have to dedicate a lot of time to designing the strategy.
Good communication between your company and the agency is essential. The greater your commitment is and the better feedback you receive, the more likely you will achieve the expected results.
3. The contract that you will sign with the agency has to allow some room for maneuver so that you can achieve the established targets by increasing the resources and strategies.
4. If you want your performance marketing campaign to succeed you have to have your landing pages optimized, for example, microsites landings with surveys if your aim is to get leads or web pages optimized for eCommerce.6 Components of Success for your Performance marketing campaign 1 6 Components of Success for your Performance marketing campaign
5. When establishing the mode of payment and the way to do the performance you should explore various options since there are a lot of Agencies specialized in this type of Digital Marketing and all of them use different resources. Some can base their strategies on email marketing, email Remarketing, others – on display, search marketing or combining 2 or more types, depending on the needs of each client. As for the model of payment – there are different types as well – CPC, CPL, CPA, etc… All of this should be discussed with the agency in order to reach an agreement.
6. To achieve the expected and agreed results it is important the agency keeps an eye on the campaign, analyzing and optimizing all the variables with special tracking tools that gather the achieved conversions.
Resuming, this model requires a great creatives quality, well optimized landing pages and a good cooperation between the client and the agency. All this, as well as the cutting-edge technology and the best professionals of the sector will help you to create an efficient performance Marketing Campaign.

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