How Rich Communication Service will change the marketing strategies?


Using marketing strategies in your company can bring you very good results. With the arrival of the famous messaging applications, traditional SMS was losing its popularity little by little. Although, it is a great alternative for companies and clients to be able to send messages, the possibility of sending text messages without having to use Internet might seem more attractive due to some additional features.
This is the reason why a group of mobile service providers together with some technological giants like Google have developed what today is known as Rich Communication Services (RCS), an upgrade for SMS that will change everything.

What is Rich Communication Service?

As the saying goes: “Good child always returns home”. Even though interactive messages like the ones available through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger allow to use all types of resources like stickers, photos, videos and documents, the Short Message Service has never disappeared completely. In fact, it has been simply waiting for the perfect moment to get updated and become a part of the variety of new marketing strategies for companies. And this moment has come hand in hand with the RCS. It is an initiative of a group of telecommunication companies to create a range of telecommunication services for providers, based on an IP multimedia subsystem or better known as IMS. The idea consists of adding different advantages that share text messaging apps to the SMS. This resource is one of the most cutting-edge technologies for providers right now and also it is a fantastic way for companies to keep communicating with their clients in a traditional manner, but this time more efficiently.

How is it different from a traditional SMS?

It is no surprise that the change from SMS to Rich Communication Service is causing so much excitement among companies. This technology, that is being developed since 2016, is promising to use one of the most reliable and direct ways of contacting with clients, supported by technological enhancement. In addition, the providers that have been working on this project want to ensure that companies have on hand a secure, dynamic and a very attractive tool for users.
This is why we can say that now RCS is the successor of SMS, but what are the most noticeable differences between them? Why is it expected to be better than the traditional text messages? Below, we will give you more details on the aspects that will make a difference for this new technology in the world of mobile marketing.
More characters available. The traditional 160 characters of the text messages will go away together with the SMS acronym, since in its enhanced version, both companies and clients, will have the opportunity to enrich their texts without limits.Co-registration
Allows to send notifications: This function is very similar to Whatsapp when it notifies you that a message has been sent, delivered and read. On top of that, you will also be able to see when the recipient is answering. This could be one of the most important changes for the companies marketing, since this way it will be possible to analyze more precisely the delivery and the effectiveness of the messages.
Possibility to share content. This is another featured change of the RCS that will make the texts more interactive and eye-catching. With this function you will be able to share the location, high resolution photos, videos, make group chats and much more.

Advantages of using RCS in marketing strategies.

In this same way, Rich Communication Services also has got a lot of advantages to offer to company’s marketing strategies. One of them is the possibility to increase the message open rate up to 20%, but this is not the only feature that has called the attention of the marketing enthusiasts.
Also, it is evident that it expands the available possibilities for mobile marketing, in this sense, many marketers even think of a RCS platform for sending automatic notifications like discount coupons or promoting new products.
And in the meanwhile the following advantages can be considered:
* All the content can be sent in the same message, in addition to the text. Also, it will be possible to attach videos, animations, images and documents to the same message.
* The results of each campaign can be analyzed and measured in a more precise way, and thus it will be possible to evaluate more effectively the marketing strategy.
* The interactivity with the clients is higher. Thus, the companies will be able to send surveys or any request and be sure that it will be answered immediately.
* It is not necessary to download the contents. It is done automatically, unlike when using the applications.

Rich Communication Service and lead generation

Finally, it is necessary to mention another reason why the Rich Communication Service is so important for companies. This reason is lead generation.
According to the big providers like Vodafone and Orange it was possible to determine that the conversions are up to 20% more efficient than in traditional SMS campaigns. Per se, text messages have a great advantage for lead generation compared to other marketing strategies, but with the Rich Communication Service arrival the opportunities seem to have increased. And it is something that no company should forgo, especially due to low production costs. 

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