Tricks for identifying and managing false leads


False leads are an absolute reality. They can damage an advertising campaign and limit the monetary impact if not taken care of. In this post we will show you how to detect false leads and manage your leads successfully, which will help you to position your project. There are a lot of strategies of Inbound Marketing that should be used to develop a brand on the Internet. Apart from the buyer persona and retargeting there is a series of details, for example – fraudulent actions, that cannot be disregarded.

How to successfully manage your leads

A lead is any potential customer that has visited the web page and shared their data and has shown interest in a product or service of any brand. In order to achieve this type of loyalty it is necessary to know well how to manage your leads. Below, we offer some advice on how to achieve a better lead generation.

Quality content

As with any good strategy, generating excellent content with useful and free info is the key to attract the clients that want to visit your website.

Blog Posts

Start publishing posts with the info about the market in order to complement the offers of the brand.gestión de leads

Apply the retargeting

Its aim is to make the users to perform an action. In order to achieve this it is recommended that the offer matches the content of the commercial.

Email as a powerful tool.

Email is a direct means to reach the clients that are already familiar with the company by being subscribed to their list, and its power has been long proven.

The supremacy of social media.

There is no doubt that social networks have become an empire. By promoting the brand’s offers on these platforms you make the users to perform the actions that the brands are looking for. The tools like stories on Instagram, Twitter and links on Facebook have become a total success.
Performing PPC campaigns allows to generate greater traffic and it is usually reflected by search engines like Google being one of the most powerful. A successful lead generation can be also achieved by using referral marketing. More people get acquainted with the brand, more potential customers you will have.

Detecting false leads.

There are many ways that false leads can be generated even though it has got costs and efforts involved. It refers to a user that tampers with the usual way of lead generation by using misleading practices. This persistent behavior can be easily detected by applying certain techniques:

  • Creating a system for administrating your potential clients. It provides you with appropriate tools that are able to detect false leads.
  • Detecting harmful actions before they enter the system.
  • Constantly analyzing the behavior of potential clients. This way you will be able to detect any irregularities on time.
  • Evaluating the data received through the survey.

How do scammers work?

There are a lot of techniques that scammers use to manipulate the information of the potential clients.

  • Surveys. They modify the information compromising the data validation systems.
  • Incentivised traffic. Generally it exists in games apps that offer rewards for subscribing. This is the moment that scammers use to gather users’ data and generate online fraud.

In what way can the leads management damage or improve the campaign performance?

The aim is to find the sources that will increase the amount of your potential quality clients. As an advertiser, you should be careful with cheap sources that can harm the reputation of your brand. Each campaign should be strictly aligned with the objectives of the company.
Marketing campaigns need time and money, the aim here is to attract real and reliable clients through the survey on your website. The transparency in your system will avoid changes in the data and this will increase the chances to detect the fraudulent leads and help you eliminate them.”

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