Leads and sales increase by optimising the conversion rate


The main target of a marketing web campaign is to increase the amount of leads and thus grow the conversion rates in order for the business to be profitable. Nevertheless, it is not easy and this is why it is essential to have in mind some important aspects.

Clarifying the Concepts

However, before going further, it is important to clarify both the concept of the “lead” and of the “conversion rate optimisation” – CRO.
Leads are nothing else but users who reach a web page and perform an action desired by the company. This action is usually signing up as a user of this website, something that helps to grow the database of the company and, therefore, the range of its impact. However, the action can also be a subscription to a newsletter or any other activity that the company wants.
Understanding the above mentioned concepts, it is easier to understand what ROI is; it is the rate of the users who become buyers or consumers of the website.
Summing up, the concept that we have defined before is the gross amount of the users who get registered or follow the company newsletterLEADS, while the second one refers to those who make the next step and consume the products of the company.

Strategies for conversion optimisation

A company can see that the amount of leads does not stop growing while at the same time the conversion rate (CR) stays the same or even diminishes. If this is the case – there is a big problem there, since even though a wider market is being reached, the company is losing potential clients. To avoid this situation, you can use different strategies such as detailed analysis of the marketing campaigns in order to attract new users, build their loyalty and achieve sales.
A very basic concept that tends to be overlooked is using an inappropriate call to action. It is too easy to put it in a wrong place or bury it under tons of insignificant content and make this resource lose its effectiveness.
Likewise, it is essential for the online businesses to choose appropriate ways of dissemination of their message without falling into too aggressive techniques that put off the customers.
Another good way to improve the CRO is creating clear and simple spaces where the users get what they want rapidly. This means that a website design has to be as simple as possible, since there are many occasions when the business success resulted from the simplicity.
Definitely, converting a generated lead into a new client is a delicate task where a well defined strategy has to be used, and to do so, we can help you with customised solutions designed especially for you.

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