How to create a landing page and get qualified leads


If you own a business or want to increase the sales of your products or have more customers, the most effective way is to create a landing page that can attract the visitors you did not have before or, in other words, to achieve a major lead generation. But, what is this page that we have mentioned? We are talking about a landing web page where an offer, a certain content or some additional information is displayed.
And how do we create an efficient landing page that will help us to generate the desired leads? Well, keep on reading because we will give you some advice on how to design your web page and maintain the lead generation.
1. Simple and Easy. Your aim will be to convert a visitor of your web page into a lead or a subscriber. For that it is essential to keep it simple. How? Minimizing the possibilities of escaping through any external links and by offering easy and simple questionnaires where the users are only asked for minimum information (name and email). The visitors will have more confidence in providing their details and subscribing to your services if you only ask for basic info.lead generation
2. Call to action. It will be one of the key points in attracting the visitors’ attention. If this call to action is effective, visitors will click on the page and will subscribe to what they see or buy the product or service they are being offered. To create an effective call to action you will have to give it a good thought and mostly consider its size and the location on the web page.
3. Design. Colour is also very important when designing your page since it is defined and based on the colour gamut. In addition, the colour gamut will help in retaining your visitors on your web page, since the correct selection of the colours will make them feel comfortable while navigating.
4. Fast and Customized. As you well know, people nowadays are used to receiving everything done and without having to wait too long for it. For this reason, you have to keep in mind that your page has to get loaded in 5-10 seconds, otherwise you’ll get a rebound effect and all the achieved visits will be lost in a matter of days. Besides, your page has to be adapted for mobile navigation since the majority of the users browse the Internet using their Smartphone and if it’s not mobile adapted, the ones who want to access your page through their phone will have to look for another one.
A landing page is one of the resources that generates more traffic and an increase in potential customers and the better it is adapted to your target, the higher profit you will receive.”

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