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Telemarketing is a marketing strategy that could be quite effective since it offers various advantages both for companies and for their clients. It is a profitable and fast alternative that allows to give personalised attention to the target audience. However, implementing this strategy requires having a database that includes all the necessary information about each potential customer. Below, we will discover what telemarketing is, why it is so effective for companies and talk about different types of databases.

What is Telemarketing?

It is a direct marketing strategy where an agent contacts via phone different customers of a company or a business in order to sell their products or services. This method is cost effective and is quite recommendable for those companies that want to deliver their message quickly and personally.
In order to use this method, it is necessary to have a database with some relevant info about your potential clients. This you can achieve using surveys, questionnaires, asking about experiences of previous purchases, participating in contests and etc…
In addition to specializing in telemarketing, adSalsa services also include lead generation, email marketing, performance marketing and B2B. We are experts in all types of marketing, both online and offline and we make sure to offer the best communication strategy. To this end, we study your customers in detail and analyze their needs, this way you can adjust the message to your target audience and get better results. Besides, the data obtained is not only useful for telemarketing but also can be successfully used in email marketing or SMS marketing strategies.
In adSalsa we offer to our clients a quality database for telemarketing and we make sure that each contact meets the requirements of the advertiser and that the phone numbers have been verified. To achieve this we use very thorough segmentation and make sure no piece of data is left to chance, the reason that makes our campaigns so effective.

Advantages of Telemarketing

This strategy offers a lot of advantages and benefits to the advertisers. These are the major ones:
– The main benefit is the quickness in obtaining the desired results. It allows to spread the message rapidly and determine its effectiveness immediately during the conversation with the customer.
– This is one of the most profitable options for medium and small companies.
– It offers direct and personal impact in a way that makes it possible to adapt to the needs of the customer in real time. It also allows to resolve all the doubts and offer the most adequate products and services.
– Allows saving a considerable amount of time and effort since thanks to this strategy, it is not necessary for a sales person to visit the customers. One call can be equally effective and much faster and less expensive.qué es telemarketing
– Interactivity and flexibility are other of the advantages because the company will be able to adjust the communication strategy if necessary.
Obtaining information is another opportunity that offers telemarketing. Thanks to the established communication it is possible to get more relevant info about the customers like their purchasing habits, interests, real needs and much more. They can provide info about themselves or about the image that they have about your company.
– Personalized customer service that is offered is unique and allows the sales person to point out the availability of certain products and services that adjust best to the customers’ needs. On the other hand, they can give advice, resolve doubts and quickly respond to any complaints and observations. All this will increase the customer satisfaction and commitment to the brand.

Data Bases types: segmented and not segmented.


Some may ask how they can create a database that will allow to obtain good results and segmentation is the key element. It is a process where a market is devided into sections and each of its parts has got similar qualities. Every obtained section could be different target audience and this will let you address their needs in a more effective way since it is not possible to satisfy the whole market in the same manner. When carrying out the segmentation, certain aspects are taken into account such as: geographical location, demographics as well as psychological, behavioural and socioeconomic factors. Full understanding of the target audience of your brand is essential for performing a successful campaign and is the determining factor in creating a database for your company. Adsalsa offers you completely segmented databases where all the obtained contacts will adjust to the needs of your business. This will increase significantly the possibilities of success since the segmentation is the most profitable and efficient alternative.

Not Segmented.

These databases are quite generic and do not focus on a special target audience leading to the results less satisfactory since we do not know in detail the customers needs and thus we are not able to offer them the most appropriate product/service to satisfy them. Even though in the beginning, it seems like a more low-cost alternative, it is usually a waste of the company’s resources.
We will make sure to offer you a database that will be suitable for your business and will increase increase exponentially the efficiency of your telemarketing campaign. We are experts in online and offline marketing, so do not doubt in contacting us.

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