Long life to SMS


Nowadays, we ask ourselves: Who uses SMS to be connected? Using our email addresses and downloading messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Line or Telegram, why SMS has not disapeared yet?
The answer is very simple. SMS has not died yet because we receive many text messages for marketing alerts, sales, events, discounts or notifications. The difference between WhatsApp and email marketing from SMS consists on the massive messages we get from the first ones and barely take time to read them. SMS grabs user’s attention, even more.
Nowadays many companies invest money in advertising throughout Social Media, email marketing….However, we have to be aware of the importance and effectiveness we can achieve with a SMS marketing strategy.

Let’s have a look at SMS marketing strategy we can offer you:

Long life to SMS 1 Long life to SMS

  • Entregability: Nowadays, 90 percent of people own a cell phone. We don’t need any smartphone to receive a SMS, just only available signal. There is no difference between inbox mail and junk mail folder. Each SMS received, gets through.
  • Data Filter: When you own or look for databases, you can reach the perfect user efficiently, due to the variety of interests that your users may have. Data filters in SMS campaigns would be basic: age, gender, region, etc. It is mandatory to offer your clients what they really need, otherwise your users will be unsubscribed.
  • Cost: The cost for a SMS campaign is low. Among all the advertising market strategies, SMS services are the most affordable ones.
  • Customization: In SMS campaigns you can customize both sender and text. Feelings rule the world and one of the most positive reasons for customization is that the client gets the feeling of value, therefore, more valued as a client.
  • Quickness: Reaching any user is pretty fast and easy. You just need to press the “send” button and your ad will be seen in a matter of seconds.
  • Effectiveness: That is one of the great advantages when you opt for SMS marketing. As we mentioned, these days our inbox or Whatsapp chats get overloaded. However, receiving a few SMS makes us pay more attention to them.

Although SMS marketing has a variety of advantages, we must be careful and set up a well-structured strategy. If the tools you use are not enough to achieve the desired impact, then the best choice is teaming up with a good provider, one that ensures results and high quality service. Finally, remember the importance of legal compliance. Before subscribing or sending any SMS campaign, make sure that you know its regulations or your provider complies with them correctly.

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