7 reasons why you should invest in Direct Mail Marketing


Infoadex, deFacto Research, Gfk, among others, have recently carried out many studies that have proven to show that Direct Postal Marketing remains a key tool in the overall marketing plans of many businesses.
When executed, planned and refined correctly, there is no doubt it can be a very effective way of gaining.
Despite being a traditional medium, it still seems to keep all its appeal. Promotional offers, discounts, bonuses and even free samples can all be good ways to reward your customers and make them more loyal to you, but it is also a fundamental element to attract new clients.
If we take a look at the latest research provided by the main Market Insights, the reason why Postal Marketing is working so well could be due to these seven points:
1.- 58% of people who read a business letter come to the store.marketing directo
2.- Of that 58%, 43% make a purchase.
3.- 65% of people who read a business letter visit the online store.
4.- Of that 65%, 30% make a purchase.
5.- 30.7% of advertisers trust Direct Mail Marketing.
6.- Low investment and high profitability.
7.- It can work as an isolated action or complement other advertising actions.

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