How to build an effective lead generation system for your agency


Creating a lead generation system is one of the biggest concerns that marketing and advertising agencies have. This system helps you to attract a major volume of users that are interested in buying your product or a service, in other words, it allows you a wider access to potential buyers of the brand. And here we would like to explain how you can do it.
How can you build a lead generation system?
Lead Generation is a set of strategies that use a series of online and offline channels with the objective of finding those users that are interested in a product or in a service.
1. Online Lead generation
Email Marketing – The first thing you should do is to create an email marketing campaign that will attract users to your website. Once they get registered on your web and accept receiving the newsletter, you get total access to them. It is vital to segment well and always have in mind the schedules and frequency for email sendings.
– SEO positioning and geolocalization: It is also important to develop a content strategy focused on Google positioning based on words that are locally relevant.
– Taking care of social media: It is true that social media users are not normally very receptive to the advertising that appears in their profiles. That is why it is essential to try and make them follow the brand page and interact with them by offering promotions and discounts.
2. Offline Lead Generation
– Publicity mailing. “Physical” mailing is still effective for capturing customers interested in buying. However, segmentation and personalization is more important than ever.
– Organisation of events. Different events like outlet fairs could be quite interesting ways of displaying your service/product, since the people that usually visit them do have a real interest in buying.
– Street marketing. This is the most aggressive strategy. It consists of using public spaces in a non conventional manner for promoting the brand.
How to combine online and offline?
A good way of combining both elements and creating a perfect lead generation system would be using conventional advertising for inviting the users to register on your web page and make them leave their personal data. Likewise, you can also design an information page where the users can leave their phone number and receive a call back with more info.
Anyway, it is a question of studying every case and understanding what strategies are better for you, always having in mind the brand image. This is the way to create an effective lead generation system.”

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