Requirements for a good message on Email Marketing (I)


Improve your message and you will improve the click rate
Creativity in an email is really important. Once we reach a good open rate using an excellent subject line, it is essential to build a catchy message with a memorable and straight forward structure.
If the subject line is responsible for the open rate, then the message is responsible for improving the click rate. We have to persuade the receiver to do a certain action such as purchasing, requesting a consultation or a brouchure, asking for more information… so we need to place a good “call to action” message to help us reach successfully our goal by using audience content based.
Obviously, there are many other professional tricks to get the perfect message according to our interests. To do so, Adsalsa’s Delivery Department will help you with some of them:
1. Content must not include so many images. The ideal proportion is 80% on text plus 20% on images.
2. The text version should contain no more than 70 characters per marketing
3. We suggest that you use tables when designing the message.
4. The email HTML standard width is 650 pixels.
5. The recommended size of the email on HTML is 80 KB
6. Always split the message in different parts: HTML and plain text, even if the text is only a few lines summary and hyperlink to the version (at least 30 charcters).
7. Images must be on .jpg or .gif format, and must include the “alt” tag.
8. Always use standard HTMLcommands for HTML code. Some browsers can’t show properly the content when special HTML codes or style sheets have been used; Avoid CCS, layers and maps. If the use of CSS in the header is unavoidable, make sure that your email looks right in your inbox without that style.
9. Make sure the HTML code is as clean as possible. Example given, always close the open tags and validate the HTML code, if possible.
10. Using a HTML editor or plain text editor will give you better and cleaner results.
These 10 pieces of advice are a good reference to have in mind if you want to reach your desired goals when running your email marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, there are still some other tips to take into account, so bare with us and we will soon update you.

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