Requirements for a good message on Email Marketing (II)


Such as we saw on the previous post “Requirements for a good message on Email Marketing (I)”, there are different tricks to help us plan a more efficient email marketing strategy.
The companies’ main objectives are brand awareness and becoming a well known brand. But let’s be honest, companies don’t look only for this. There are exceptions, but most of the companies who book an email marketing campaign want to boost sales and increase their benefits. This is the harsh reality and the main reason our company will be judged for. If a company invests 50,000 €, do you think they will be happy with a ROI of 5,000€? Let’s be wise, this can destroy our credibility for this market.
Direct Marketing is the only one facing this problem. Strategies such as email marketing aim to get actions from consumers, as its main goal is to fulfil the user’s needs. However, there are different and easier ways to do so that will help us to reach our goals:
Requirements for a good message on Email Marketing (II) 1 Requirements for a good message on Email Marketing (II)11. All HTML tags must be on lower case letters
12. Use <p></p> tags instead of <div></div> and avoid <tbody></tbody> tags on tables
13. HTML tags such as <map> or <th> will increase the spam score…and your email will be tagged as unwanted
14. Avoid the following combination: /? after the domain in the links. The following example can be marked as unwanted:
15. HTML page should not be longer than a A4 (MS Word)
16. Never use java, JavaScript, Frames, ActiveX or forms on the main body
17. Avoid attached documents, unless you are sure users can receive them, as most of firewalls will delete those attachements. In case you need to send files, do it on PDF form.
These easy tricks can help your Email Marketing campaign reach your goals. Of course, there are many other facts. Soon we will get deep on how to write a good subject line and how to build effective creatives. Email marketing is a tool standing out for its ability to influence the audience, and if we also use new mobile technologies, it will impact even more. Bon Appétit.

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