Social Media vs. Email Marketing


Who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman? We are sure that a lot of bookies would answer, but Spoiler Alert! Right answer: None of them, as there’s strenght in numbers.
In online marketing, the bad guy is called crisis, and our superheroes are cast by Email Marketing and Social Media.
There’s currently a debate about which strategy is more successful, social media or email marketing. There are followers on both parties, however this is not a competition as it could be in the case of Pepsi Vs CocaCola or Samsung Vs. Apple; in this case they are two strategies that combined together can guarantee a successful result. The evidence is undeniable: Social Media is a sudden boemail marketingom and results are shocking, but email marketing is still standing.
Social Media can’t be treated in the same way as we treat email marketing because they have different functions and goals. If your objective is engagement and brand awareness, then social media is the strategy you have to follow. Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter have a great impact and they are the best channel go get known and build trust in a big audience.
Nevertheless, if your goal is to generate leads, conversions and/or sales, then Email Marketing is the right one. The main reason is that the user has given the consent to receive third party communications in advance, which implies a prior interest of the user. This does not mean that it is not possible to sell your products via Social Media, you can sell via Social Media, however sales are lower than via email marketing.
With all this information, is there any reason to face both strategies? They are not enemies nor rivals, each one has its role and purpose and they should coexist in order to increase conversions.
Remember: Stronger together!

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