6 advantages to bet on the Co-registration


Co-registration or often abbreviated “co-reg” is a revenue-sharing process that involves offering new and existing subscribers options to opt in to similar products or services from third parties.
When speaking of Performance Marketing, Co-reg allows the business to have the opportunity to create a quality database with potential customers interested in its products. This monetization opportunity is pretty straightforward; those visitors who are interested enough in your product to create an account or join an email distribution list, may also be interested in signing up for similar products or services from other sites.
Co-registration is a record generated through a first subscription to a service or offer and makes it easy to enroll in multiple subscriptions at once. Entering in an email address and clicking a subscribe button, users will then be presented with many offers, by clicking the YES or ACCEPT button to any of these offers and submitting the form, the email address used in the previous step will also be passed on to the additional companies.
6 advantages to bet on the Co-registration 1 6 advantages to bet on the Co-registrationThese are the 6 advantages of using Co-registration as a Performance Marketing strategy:
1. We generate large volumes of user information in a fast way.
2. The user does not get tired neither bored of having to fill out their data again and again.
3. The leads obtained are of high quality, since the user only registers in the offers that are of their interest.
4. Within the Lead Generation strategies, co-registration can be the most economical.
5. The campaign can have many segmentation options, showing the co-reg only to the specific target: age, sex, population, interest, etc.
6. This kind of action can be used in many different Marketing actions: Email Marketing, Telemarketing and SMS Sending.
Experience and time show that Co-registrations help to increase the database, and therefore, attract new customers quickly and easily at a reasonable price.

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