Does the new Gmail Inbox change the Open Rate?


If you are one of those who use Gmail at this time, you will have noticed that your emails are automatically being classified in your inbox in at least three categories: main, social and promotions. If you are just as fussy about the organization as I am, you will find that it is an extremely useful tool since it helps you to give priority to the things that have to be done and ignores the less important issues.
However, as online marketing professionals, the new Gmail can be somewhat alarming since the tendency of users would be to ignore or at least postpone the reading of emails in the promotions folder.
gmailSurely you have also noticed that in this same folder appears a couple of spam messages which obviously leads us to think that making Gmail easy to use is not the only purpose of Google, but that is another issue.
Either way, the promotions category may not be so bad after all, since users expect to find exactly what they asked for: commercial communication of products or services in which they are really interested and therefore our message does not pass into oblivion.
To bring some light to the issue, a few days ago Mailchimp published some news and its conclusion was that, indeed, these changes in our inbox have led to a drop in the opening rates, but so far this decline is not significant.
Only time will tell if this trend will continue downward. Meanwhile, in order to carry on standing out from our competitors, we must enhance the creativity of our email marketing and provide our users with relevant content.

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