Latest Tendencies In Mobile Email Marketing


At this stage there is no point in arguing about the importance of email marketing when sending commercial messages. This is the most efficient technique that exists right now, and its capacity to make a user buy a product or a service is much ahead than of any other channel or media that we could use.
Nowadays, the mobile world that is making email marketing even more important. Not a long time ago the numbers indicated that the investment in Direct Marketing exceeded the one destined to the traditional media , now it seems that the smartphones are making the open rate of commercial emails grow every month more and more.
In fact, the growing dynamics of emailing in mobile devices coincide very clearly with the decreasing dynamics in desktop. This means that what the desktop has lost is exactly the same than the mobile has gained.
Nowadays, around 65% of all emails are read in a mobile device, this is why it is so important to have a responsive design and the creativity adapts to any technological device. Even so, the desktop maintains certain levels of open rate that, even though being lower, cannot be ignored.
A plausible explanation for that growth could be the decrease in mobile data fees and the final “settlement” of smartphones. Both have lead to more and more users to be able to connect and even stay connected 24 hours through their mobile devices.

Key elements for successful email marketing

Responsive Design
A responsive design of our web, email, newsletter… is essential for the contents to be visualised correctly in any device. This design adapts to any screen size and allows all the elements of the site, like buttons, photos, titles, menus, to be displayed correctly.Latest Tendencies In Mobile Email Marketing 1 Latest Tendencies In Mobile Email Marketing
Subject line and the email info.
The subject line of an email is essential to attract a user, this is why when designing for a mobile device you have to be precise, short and direct. The same applies to the content.
The aim of a Call To Action is to keep generating traffic to the website. For that reason, you should put it in a visible place and make sure it adds some value for the user, for example, offering more services or allowing to download content (infographics, e-books, videos…)
Landing Page
The landing page has to be attractive and add some value without being too redundant and only offering necessary information.
You should never skip this step and always make sure that all the steps are visualised correctly.
The adjustment of creativities, messages and even the way to impact the users will be changing throughout the years and surely they will have to adapt to the new technologies and thus to the best way to make profit of it.

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