Errors to Avoid in your Lead Generation Strategy


Whether in the online or offline environment, Lead Generation campaigns capture the attention and registration of potential consumers through a combination of marketing strategies that combine both digital and analog scenarios.
An increase in the generation of sales opportunities is the leitmotiv of any marketing department. Therefore, it is necessary that the management of the Lead Generation campaign falls into professional hands, thus avoiding errors.

Six Common Errors Avoid in your Lead Generation Strategy

1. Not knowing the product or service: Lack of information about what is offered in a Lead Generation campaign has a negative effect on credibility. You have to know the client to achieve an effective result.
2. Inconsistency in using social networks: Although these platforms boost the increase of leads, their management has to ensure the strengthening of the brand and customer loyalty. Therefore, you should avoid abusive and aggressive campaigns.
3. Turning your email marketing into spam: Well used, this channel can be very profitable to generate sales opportunities. To make sure that our contents do not go to the spam folder, we have to take into account several aspects: do not use long Subject Lines, avoid commercial names, as well as the words ‘free’ and ‘offer’, and do not overuse the images to the detriment of the text.
4. Neglecting qualified leads: In many cases, a potential consumer that has already shown some interest does not receive more information that adds value. It is necessary to continue developing the shown interest of the customer.
5. Not resorting to the segmented lists: Treating all leads equally without discriminating their parameters of interest can disrupt the marketing campaign. You have to define thresholds and give different values ​​to each of them to be able to take the best advantage of each segment.
6. Not differentiating: In the globalized market, differentiation is not synonymous with mere gross investment, but comes from the prior knowledge of the target audience and from adapting the channels and outlining the overall strategy of a Lead Generation campaign.
Creating a good Lead Generation strategy can not be complicated, if you know how to carry it out, having it very clear that you should not make these mistakes.

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