Telemarketing secrets


Selling a product or service is not an easy task, and much less on the phone. We all know that it is easier face to face. However, it is possible to sell and that is why Telemarketing in one of the services that generates more sales per year.

Here 5 tips to sell through telemarketing:

telemarketing1-You need a database according to your target. It is not enough to have a huge database, the most important thing is to have a customer database of users interested in your product or service. For example, there is no point in selling paddle tennis rackets to women interested in another sport.
2-Customer’s attention. Most of the time, call center operators start telling their guide notes by heart and don’t let the client speak. It is very important to let customers speak so that they can express their opinions about the product or service you are selling. Moreover, it does not mind if we get a sale or not, we should always thank the client for their attention, time and kindness.
3- Believe and trust what you are selling. It is very important to analyse in detail what you are offering. Trusting your product is also mandatory as the tone of voice can influence or, on the contrary, can betray yourself. For this reason, you should believe in what you are selling because direct sales are always connected with the salesperson trust.
4-Customer loyalty. Although people do not give the importance it deserves, calling old customers has its advantages. One of them is that they can make another purchase. Another one is that you can know your customers’ opinion and this can help you improve.
5.Turn the negative into a positive. It makes sense that the user you are calling raises grounds for objection, due to worry or doubt. Sometimes it is just because the user does not want to be impulsive. For this reason, it is important not to refute each comment or objection, as you will be annoying. The experience will help you differentiate lies from curiosity and get sales by refuting the appropriate objections.

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