7 sins when managing an e-Commerce


Nowadays, the digital market has grown by leaps and bounds and the statistics show it. However, not everybody is prepared for creating their own business on the Internet. There are some e-commerce that have lost their bet, either because of putting the cart before the horse, or for not following some basic guidelines, or due to their unwillingness to be advised by an expert.
Creating your own e-commerce offers you a lot of advantages, the biggest ones are that it is very cheap, as it does not require a big economic investment, and simple, it is quite easy to manage. However, there are some immediate errors that will not allow your sales to grow and the business will start to decline
For these reasons, we would like to highlight the 7 sins that prevent an e-commerce from being successful.
1. Not knowing the world around the business. No matter how good you are at sales or running a business, you have to know the world of the Internet. In order to create your own electronic commerce you have to know which tools to use and steps to take. It could also be compared to putting together a jigsaw puzzle little by little.
2. Not setting a target. You will need an ideal client who will lead you to success. It is like in friendship, it is better to have few friends, but good ones. In your e-commerce it is necessary to establish a target to be able to plan your strategy. For example, if you sell cosmetics, women will be your ideal clients and you should create campaigns targeted to women who may like your product, for example, an anti-e-commercewrinkles cream would be targeted to women of more than 30 years.
3.Not having an appropriate web design. For an e-commerce your web page does not have to be spectacular, but rather simple, user-friendly and easy to use. The main goal of the website in this case is not to be beautiful, but to convert well. For this reason, we need a rather basic design so that the users do not “get lost” while buying.
4. Not being responsive. One of the biggest sins is not having a responsive web design. Is there anyone nowadays who does not browse the web through their smartphone? If you do not adapt your business to be multichannel – you are lost.
5. Not having a social media presence. Social media helps, and a lot, in creating new followers and with them new sales.You have to be present in as many social networks as possible. At present, the most popular ones are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but if your target are women – what about Pinterest? – the social network mostly used by women.
6. Not investing money. This is true that an e-commerce is cheap and the economic investment is low compared to an offline business. However, it is essential to invest money in order to improve and to stand out, since you compete not only with your neighbourhood or your city, but with the whole planet. Basically, you have to invest in the design, the hosting and email marketing.
7. Not improving your customer loyalty. As a business owner, you do not want clients to buy once, you want them to keep on buying your products or services. Continuing with the example of the cosmetics, you would like your client to buy another cream when the one she bought is over. So, it is important to take care of our customers and build their loyalty. This could be achieved by treating them well, sending special coupons, congratulating them on their birthday, etc… Small details that your customers will appreciate and, moreover, will benefit your business.

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