Take advantage of Christmas to make your email campaigns even more successful


No one questions the importance of a good email marketing campaign for any type of business to be successful. And one of the cornerstones of the success is lead generation – acquisition of potential customers that are open to converting into real clients and if they stay your clients for a long time – even better for you.
Also, email plays an essential role in this digital marketing function, as it helps us to grow the initial curiosity into real interest for a product or a service.
Taking advantage of the huge potential of email marketing means being aware of the most attractive periods, those when performing the sends will result in a greater strategic benefit.
No doubt, Christmas is one of those unique moments that everybody is waiting for. The consumerist zeal skyrockets and by the means of sending a good email marketing campaign to our contacts we can find an excellent way to grow our benefits.
Such an occasion may deserve planning its strategy months in advance. It is crucial to develop a good Christmas calendar that includes the most important dates. Ideally, it is advisable not to surpass the second fortnight of November in order to take advantage of the traditional Christmas day, New Year’s Eve as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.email marketing
Defining the target and selecting a campaign type are essential steps before launching a campaign. A well performed lead generation strategy implies a project that is designed to deliver the correct message to the correct person. Segmentation plays and important role here thanks to its effectiveness when acquiring qualified leads through email marketing. Geographical position, age, gender or specific interests allow us to create personalized emails that will have a greater impact on the reader and will also avoid our emails going into spam folders.
You can choose different types of campaigns, always bearing in mind that we are at Christmas time and what it means for our contacts.
We can send promotions based on discounts or limited time offers looking for an immediate action of compulsive buying.
Take this opportunity to say hello and thank the clients, as a way to build their fidelity and make them feel important to your company.
Offering gifts and prizes is also a way of loyalty building closely related to the Christmas spirit. What’s more – it enhances the brand image.
Raffles and contests, always having in mind that it is Christmas time, is also a good resource for these campaigns.
Anyway, once the campaign is selected, being original and creative are the two cornerstones that will make you different and determine the success of your campaign. Correct spelling and optimized content are also essential for passing the antispam filters.
Experts state that 90% of possibility that an email will be open depends on the first impression. It is best to use a message that is precise, short and looks attractive. And it is vital to get down to business and avoid words like offer, free, promotion and some others that could be later included in the body of the message.
And of course, do not forget that nowadays a lot of emails are opened directly in a smartphone. Therefore, a responsive design is quite important to make sure we reach all the audiences.
Certainly, we have to have a possibility to measure the results of the campaign. Analyzing the campaign is the only way to know if we are going the right way and to get prepared for the next campaign.

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