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Today we present one of the most important tools to be used in your email marketing tactics: test lists. It is a very simple technique that is aimed to raise the deliverability levels.
When we do a massive send out of a commercial email we have to take into account the filter permits of the main Internet providers or ISP. If our email is rejected by such accounts as Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook or Yahoo, you surely will be losing a great part of our send.
You have to analyze what types of email accounts are present in your databases. Once you know it, you have to create a list of email addresses that includes all tentregabilidadhe existing email services, even those that are not present (think viral, what if your contacts want to share the message?)
Once the list is created you can use it to do a small test of the send out. This final test will give you a measured and realistic result of how the antispam filters will react when you do your send out.
The advantages of test lists are:
1. More Control. You will have more certainty that the message will arrive in the inbox of your target.
2. Avoid surprises. Do not leave your sends in the lurch. Luck belongs to those who work it.
3. Assure the success by highest percentage. The rest depends on your Subject Line and if your message is attractive to your target audience.
We hope you found it useful.

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