Lead Acquisition Through Social Media


Nowadays, the marketing techniques have evolved. There is no sense in performing advertising campaigns based on old strategies that people do not use anymore. The marketing techniques should get adjusted to the new trends, to the media most used by users to stay connected and to all the tools that people use regularly. This is the way you make your advertising more effective since it will be integrated into day to day life and people’s habits.
For that matter, social media is a part of every day routine and have become a very important way to stay in touch, to be informed and to interact with different people and brands. Performing marketing campaigns focused on these social networks is a very interesting and more natural way to carry out advertising.
Lead generation is the first step on your way to a sale. A lot of companies use the percentage of the leads to evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising campaign. The aim is to obtain quality leads from social media, since this is a way that companies use to get the users’ data. That is, a lead is generated every time a user leaves their data through a certain channel, like a Facebook page, Twitter, Linkedin or in a web page when users are interested in purchasing a product or a service. One thing should be very clear: in order a user to leave their data they will want to receive something in return.
It is essential to take care of the social media content, actualize it, create timeless material, include downloadable infographics, or even create a YouTube channel. Creating interesting and modern content that attracts attention is the best manner to convert a lead into a sale and also to increase the traffic to your web page. Definitively, do create quality content to share.
You should use social networks that your potential clients really use. It is necessary to know what each of them can offer us in order to determine which is more adequate for each brand. And that is:
Facebook is the most popular social network, able to reach users of all ages. And it is possible to capture leads through landing pages with contests and promotions.
Twitter is mostly used for its quickness, it is ideal for latest brands. You can place a banner in your Twitter account that will take the users directly to the landing where they will enter their details if interested in the offer.
Instagram is very recommendable for those brands that can take advantage of their visual image.
Pinterest is usually used by women of medium-upper class, very interested in shopping, what makes it a quite attractive network.
Google+ is more suitable for brands related to technology or engineering.
No matter what social network you choose you should always create actualized and quality content that users feel attracted to, want to keep on navigating and end up deciding to buy a product or a service.
Social media is one of the channels to be used to attract traffic to your web page and get qualified leads and it is a very interesting alternative that all the companies should consider in order to increase sales. The results are usually very good and it means that by using these tools you are doing a very important step towards growing any company that dares to innovate.

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