Profitability through Telemarketing


Telemarketing, as its name suggests, is a type of telephone, personalized communication with potential customers, which allows to promote the advantages of products and services offered and helps to increase sales. To ensure that this direct marketing tool is successful, it is necessary to create a good telemarketing campaign with clear objectives, planning the actions that are going to be carried out, supervising the process in real time and making the necessary changes to achieve the goals. In other words, to establish a well-defined and structured strategy.
Telemarketing has experienced remarkable growth over the last years thanks to new technologies and has been able to adapt to the needs of any company with specific programs for each activity and market. Today there are a lot of companies that use telephone marketing for various tasks, such as customer service, marketing department support, market research activities or sales department monetization. A telemarketing campaign allows us to reach our target audience at a lower cost, manage databases and offer immediate and measurable results. This service can also be outsourced in order to lower the costs, which will allow the company to get an easier access to specialized resources, as well as to only focus on its core business and take advantage of outsourcing to offer a more qualified customer service with greater professionalism.
To make a campaign successful and profitable, the first thing to do is to segmentate well the databases or CRM, since it will allow selecting potential clients through a study of their behaviour: tastes, age, place of residence, purchase history… This will keep the BBDD always updated and well segmented. The trust that is created between client and company makes the response rates itelemarketingncrease and ensures the return on investment (ROI) along with other direct marketing tools.
Telephone contact is a very powerful tool when it comes to provoking impulse purchases, in addition it offers different services to retain customer loyalty, such as calling old prospects so that they buy again or help to generate new sales with the pros and cons of the product or the service offered.
The team that forms the call center has to be qualified, with ease of communication, a correct use of the language and adequate vocabulary. They also have to be good listeners and possess persuasive skills to be able to effectively transmit what they offer. Before starting the calls, the team has to prepare the key guidelines so that the client does not hang up the phone. They have to give convincing reasons why the service that is sold is the best, and coherent answers have to be prepared in case of denials.
Once the campaign is launched and finished, the results and costs have to be calculated in order to improve its performance and valuate the necessary changes and adjustments that have to be done during the campaign, which will allow to learn from mistakes and improve future campaigns.
Telemarketing is a tool that offers great advantages. Having a good BBDD that is highly segmented and, above all, that has the permission of the users to be contacted, is a value that makes the difference with any other types of advertising campaigns. All this will give you a better advantage over the competition in the sector, thus contributing to increase sales and obtain more effective results. It is a way to address people that are looking for services or products offered by a company, in a direct and simple way, and also gives you the ability to internationalize your business without incurring excessive costs.

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